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As we prepare to drop the puck on the tryouts for the 2022-2023 BYH Season, the Board of Brookline Youth Hockey would like to provide all of you with our defined organizational concept of Commitment.

Your player’s selection as a member of a BYH Travel Team is a significant accomplishment!  A player’s placement on to a BYH Travel Team is based upon their tryout evaluation in addition to their previous year’s performance. Brookline Youth Hockey’s travel program is designed to continually improve the hockey skills of our players, to develop their knowledge of the game, and to strengthen their love of the game both as an individual athlete and as a member of a team.  It is a competitive program where our teams play in a regional league against other programs across the spectrum of all skill tiers. Participation on a BYH Travel Team is a lot of fun, but it does require a commitment

A major component of a player’s commitment is their attendance at practices and at games. It is of the highest importance that players participate in the majority of practices and games in order to achieve the goals set by BYH for our players and for our teams. Consistent participation by every player ensures the most positive impact on the team as a whole.

Brookline Youth Hockey recognizes that our season spans a significant part of the calendar - stretching from early September through the end of March.  This schedule has us shouldering most Fall sports.   We strongly encourage the development of multi-sport athletes and therefore our greatest focus on participation spans from Thanksgiving through the end of the season (late March/early April).  Each team will have two practices per week and a game on the weekend during this critical part of the hockey season.  It is the expectation that BYH Travel Team players and families will commit to prioritizing this BYH team as your Primary Winter Sport by attending a super-majority of scheduled games and practices.  This commitment is intended to ensure that the appropriate number of players are placed on to a roster and that each team’s roster provides the opportunity for the optimal hockey experience for every player.  If you are uncertain that you can meet this threshold, then we encourage you to reach out and to discuss your particular situation with our BYH Presidents for discussion and approval as soon as possible. 

In the event that a player is unable to maintain their commitment as defined in this policy, a discussion will take place, at the Coach’s discretion, between the player’s family, the Coach and the Presidents of BYH in order to review the situation and to determine the most suitable resolution.

The intent of this policy is only to insure that our players and our teams have the greatest opportunity to develop both individually and as a collaborative team.

We are looking forward to a great tryout season, a strong finish to the 2018-2019 season, and a fantastic upcoming 2019-2020 Season of Brookline Youth Hockey!

Go Warriors!!!

The Board of Brookline Youth Hockey