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Looking to gear up your BYH player with a sweatshirt, sweatpants or hat to show their Warrior pride or for an upcoming birthday or the Holiday season? 

The BYH store is open! 

 Airo Sports will be our Team store and carry all BYH gear (except Bauer items).

Airo Sports will be open ongoing throughout the season.

You will receive your orders from Airo Sports 5-10 business days after your order is placed.  They will ship items to your home or you can pick up in their store at 6 Brington Rd, Brookline, MA .




AIRO SPORTS BYH GEAR CLICK HERE:   https://www.airosports.com/byh-shop





The Bauer gear Tricon store closed on 10/29/19 - the Estimated shipping date will be by 11/29/19. 

Orders should be received the first week in December. 

*** Tricon will not process any late orders as it holds up the rest of the order.

They also do not allow for any single piece orders after the buying deadline. ***