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Instructional Program
Learn to Play I: Ice Mice
Designed for first- and second-year players who can skate without adult assistance. Focus is on skating skills, puck control, and fun. All Ice Mice players practice together and are divided by age and ability level to work in small area skills stations. Practices are likely to take place two times per week on Saturday and Sunday. 1st weekend in December
Learn to Play II: House League
Advanced program designed for third- and fourth-year players. Focus is on skating skills, puck control, positional play, and weekly cross-ice scrimmages. Skaters will be evaluated by the coaches to begin the season and must demonstrate ability to skate forward and backward, balance on both edges of the blades, and handle the puck with the stick. Players who do not have these skills will be assigned to the Ice Mice for development. Practices are likely to take place three times per week on Saturday, Sunday, and a weekday. Anticipated start: 1st weekend in December

Contact us if you would like to help coach as an on-ice volunteer or off-ice team manager.
Each player must bring a hockey stick and must wear a helmet with face shield, hockey skates, knee pads, elbow pads, and hockey gloves.  If you are unfamiliar with how to size equipment or have any specific questions, hockey specialty stores such as Pure Hockey (1299 Highland Ave, Needham, 781-444-5366) are a good resource.  Pure Hockey has a special package deal for new players, which includes everything your child will need to get out on the ice.  The link for more information is: http://www.purehockey.com/learn-to-play-starter-package-free-bauer-skates. Additionally, Play It Again Sports (630 Washington Street, Dedham, 781-493-6796) sells new and used equipment, which is a useful option since the gear can be expensive and skaters grow fast! Please note these stores are offered as suggestions and BYH is not affiliated with either enterprise. Remember to print the player's first name on the front of his/her helmet.
Brookline Youth Hockey does not offer a beginning skating program. The Brookline Recreation Department usually offers such a program at the Larz Anderson rink.
See the Fees, Due Dates, and Refunds page for information about age requirements and fees for each level of play.
Players of the appropriate ages are eligible to enroll in Brookline Youth Hockey instructional programs regardless of where they live or attend school.
Travel Program
Brookline Youth Hockey offers play on travel teams from Mite through Midget level. Teams compete in the Valley Hockey League. Games take place usually once or twice per weekend; practices take place approximately twice a week. Midget/U18 Girls season is fall term only. The typical season runs from Sept-early April
All players must try out to participate in travel teams and must make a commitment to attend games and practices. Mite, Squirt, and Pee Wee level players who are not assigned to travel teams may play in the instructional program.
See the Fees, Due Dates, and Refunds page for information about age requirements and fees for each level of play.
A list of frequently asked questions about the travel program and tryouts is available here.
Players whose primary residence is in Brookline or who attend public or private school in Brookline are eligible to enroll in Brookline Youth Hockey travel programs. Other players may request to enroll. All such requests must be reviewed and approved unanimously by a committee consisting of the president, registrar, and coordinator for the level at which the player requests to enroll.
This committee will approve or deny enrollment based on each player's circumstances. Ordinarily, the committee will approve enrollment by players who reside in neighboring communities that do not have town hockey programs and will deny enrollment by players who reside in communities that do have town hockey programs. Any approval of a request to enroll is valid for no more than one season.
Regardless of where a player lives or attends school, no player may participate in both a Brookline Youth Hockey travel program and another town travel program at the same time. A player who is eligible to participate in a BYH travel program may participate in a school or select program at the same time, as long as the player's BYH head coach and coordinator judge the player's commitment to the BYH program to be sufficient.